I have been as silent as the gallows for some time now.  That is not only because I have been, as The Editor put it, “writing for reals.”  It’s because I have been in a pooh-fight with my previous hosting company, moving house, working too much and also because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do with this blog.  

The upshot of the pooh-fight and my tech-ignorance is that I have lost all the content from my blog.  Oh no!   

The good thing about that is that I can start all over again.  Create the world anew…make the blog as shiny, pearlescent, crystal-dinging as it can be….

Well, start again, anyhow.

I am going to do the following on this blog:

1.  Write stuff

2.  Follow the path of Mr Middleton as he takes flight (Who is Mr Middleton, I hear you ask?  I hope you and he will become buddies, and then we can all be buddies together, as long as you’re not all weird and defensive about having a fictional character as a buddy.)

3. Write more stuff

If I fail in my mission, please give my good jokes to J-Lo and any outstanding legal actions against me to The Editor.