Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Close your eyes.

Fall in love.

Stay there.

– Rumi

 I am one of the only Ordained Interfaith Celebrants in Australia.


Let’s work together to create your dream ceremony, at an affordable price.


Weddings have a reputation for causing stress and angst. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you work with me, I will make my part of the proceedings as easy and smooth for you as humanly possible, so that all you will need to do is show up, look fabulous, and say, “I do.”


The Four Steps in Getting Married

Call or email me for an obligation-free, 15-minute phone or Zoom consultation.

If you think I am the right fit for you, we’ll arrange a time for a one-hour consultation.

We catch up in person to complete the paperwork for your marriage and discuss the ceremony.

All ideas are welcome, and no idea is too crazy!

The big day! 

I arrive early to set up my PA system.

Then we do it! I will deliver a ceremony which is meaningful, authentic and engaging.

Whilst you are enjoying your life as newlyweds, I will file the paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM).

I can also help you to apply for an official marriage certificate.

My Specialities

Interfaith Ceremonies

Weddings are an opportunity to bring something of your cultures, your families and your ancestors to celebrate your commitment to each other.

You may not identify with the particular religion or faith tradition of your family or childhood, but may still want to incorporate elements of these into your ceremony.

I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister with a Masters of Theology. This means I can work with you to incorporate elements of any faith or cultural tradition.

Perhaps you were raised in a Christian tradition but now identify more with Buddhist precepts. Maybe you come from a Hindu background whilst the others’ family is Muslim.

I can incorporate elements of any tradition into your ceremony. I will do this in a meaningful way which is authentic to you and respectful to the traditions we draw upon. I can draw on any and all traditions, including Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Wicca, Zoroastrian, Jain, Taoist, Confucian, Shamanic and Jewish traditions.

Intercultural Ceremonies

Throughout human history, people have come together to declare their commitment to each other. Surrounded by their community, people have celebrated and announced their love for thousands of years.

At your wedding, I can work with you to incorporate cultural elements which can add depth and flavour to your ceremony.

We can include traditions from around the world in ways which are meaningful and true to you and respectful of culture. Examples include:

  • Celtic traditions of Britain, such as handfasting and jumping the broom
  • Chinese traditions, such as the tea ceremony
  • Indigenous traditions, such as the smoking ceremony and acknowledgement of Country
  • Germanic traditions, such as the sawing of wood
  • Ethiopian traditions, such as bowing to elders


Contact me

Get in touch for a no-obligation 15-minute phone or Zoom consultation. Let’s create your dream ceremony at an affordable price.

Call me: 0428 576 372

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I am available to conduct ceremonies throughout Australia. I am local to Wollongong, Sydney, the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra.

I wasn’t expecting, I know I probably shouldn’t say this, but I wasn’t expecting the wedding to make much of a difference. I always thought of weddings as a bit, just for the family. But then when I was saying the words, and I heard you speak and tell our story, and then looking at her…I got all choked up. It was actually really, really, special. So thank you for that. That was unexpected.

– Kevin, Bulli, NSW