May I introduce to you Mr Middleton.


Mr Middleton

Mr Middleton



Mr Middleton.  Say hello.

MM: Oh, uhmm.  Yes, but the impersonality co-efficient.  If it was to the power of z, then proportionally it might make no difference to the material transfer.  Where’s that glass?  

Doesn’t look like we are going to get his attention, but at least now you’ve met him.  He’s like that.  I’m the only friend he has, and that’s because he doesn’t know I exist.

Mr Middleton will be making future visits to this blog, and will be setting up his own site soon enough. Won’t you, Mr Middleton?

MM:  What’s that?  No, can’t do it.  Got to work at the sub-atomic level for it to be of any use at all.

Let’s take that as a yes.  Mr Middleton.  Mr Middleton!  Do put away that bottle, there’s a good man.  (Doesn’t understand a PR opportunity when it is staring him in the face.  Might be best to close off now.)

Next week, I’ll tell you more about Mr Middleton, including his likes, dislikes, and how he came to be in the teleporter business. I’ll also be introducing you to Mr Richards.  You might find Mr Richards a little more, ehem, communicative than Mr Middleton, although I will keep trying.