I am thinking about writing. I am thinking about what I can write, and how I can make that more a part of my future.

I am thinking about honesty.

Whenever I start a new writing project, I get a sudden rush of other, excellent ideas for other, excellent projects.

It’s like Jesus encountering the devil in the desert, or Buddha facing the three spirits of temptation under the bodhi tree. These tempters look just like the real thing. So close, you can smell it – the faint, sweet smell of happiness.

Happiness is just one of the core evolutionary emotions, and it doesn’t even last that long.

Satisfaction, completion. To start and to finish. To speak and to write. These are my structures. These are the things that will take me the days and hours when I am not busily facilitating bubba’s life. Life is too short to spend in determined silence.

Keep. Going. Go.