Well, at least some of the people…and what they have said:

1. Change this blog template to make the comments appear more obviously and so it is easier to leave a comment

2. Keep doing horoscopes, but if you must cut back, then weekly is ok

3. Keep telling the self-publishing story

4. When are you going to introduce us to Mr Middleton? 

5. As for the other stuff you thought you might do, try it and see if we like it.

OK. So what I’m giong to do is this:

1. Do what you told me to. 

2.  That’s pretty much it.

So, I will look for a new WordPress template, start with a weekly horoscope as of next Monday, try to drag Mr Middleton away from his laboratory for an introduction, and I will do a self-publishing report each week, plus any other random stuff that comes to mind, and see if you like it.

The people have spoken!   Thanks, the people.