Hello and welcome to the week ahead!  This time around, you’ll find the dimension of space-time bending in upon itself (as it is wont to do), curling around your ears and tickling your cheekbones.  Sudden memories of past days will feel as real as the one in front of your eyes: your most embarrassing moment at high school,the colour of your favourite t-shirt when you were only five, the scratch of your parents’ new couch when you really wanted them to keep the old one.  If you move your head quickly, you’ll catch time spinning even faster away from you, until you are smelling the Turkish coffee from the life you spent as a travelling salesman across the Middle East, and you’re seeing the flash of a smile as you collect coins for your street act as a circus urchin.  Isn’t it sweet!    Thanks for the accounting tips back in 1818 (I never did say but I like your hat); thanks in advance of the bakery treats (you have the molecules of deliciousness just waiting for your future self to awaken).