Hello and welcome to my new, weekly horoscope!  I was doing my crystal ball a disservice, too much work and too little pay.  Now let’s hope it will be in it for the long haul.

This week will start on a chilly note, and a hood on your jumpers (both physical and emotional) might be in order.  But don’t dismay!  Soon, Tuesday will dawn, bright as a clean slate for you to take to with your crayons and your tongue sticking out.  You’ll find you might be a bit rusty at first; the fish doesn’t look quite so much tropical as lurid, and the ears on the dog you drew are unavoidably rabbit like.  But if you don’t panic, you’ll soon be in the flow of things.  You can let your mind be at ease, and let the crayon gods speak through you.  Close your eyes, even.  See what they might want to tell you and the people around you.  Before you know it, you might have something like this:


which is really just their way of saying


By Friday, when you open your eyes again, you’ll see them.  Your friends, old and new, surrounding you with smiles, phone calls and warm pats on the back.  Then you’ll look down and see what you drew.  But, far from feeling embarrassed, you can just tip your hat to those crayon omniscients and keep the green and orange ones handy for the next time there is something that you would rather not ask for but that you nevertheless need.