Tomorrow is going to be the best day of the week.  And if this was a good week or you, that could be really something.

It’s not just going to be fantastic because it’s Friday (that may be part of it, but it is not the key factor).  The real reason it’s going to be so wonderful?  Is it the fabric of the day itself – the threads too snug to let in a draft of wrong headedness or dispirited feelings?  Did the day weaver make this one particularly lovingly, thinking of her fella and the time they will spend together at the end of her shift, when the night crew take over, those mysterious ones with their heavy velvets and whispering moonshine?  Or perhaps it’s something a little more prosaic and yet equally unknowable – the weather makers shook a little more sunlight on to the beam belt, cos they were laughing too hard at that one about the rain wranglers and the too-wilful lightning lasso.

Or maybe it’s because you read this blog post, and it made you chuckle and only wince a little at the forced metaphors, and so you walked out the door, straight into a

smile waiting for you in the air, right where

your face goes when it’s raised high enough to

feel the sun on your cheeks cos you

just read something about sun sprinkled like pepper

and even though that doesn’t really happen, still it got into your

sub-conscious and made you


Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m bursting out wishes for a lovely one, for you.