You may feel like it’s a bit too soon for the week to begin, but it will begin without you if you don’t hurry into your best shoes and don a nice smile to welcome the new days, each one freshly minted from the giant day-press on the other side of the sky.  This week will find you most days with neat hair and matching sunglasses. You will naturally look just like your favourite Audrey Hepburn photo by virtue of throwing on a headscarf and dashing out the door to your next appointment.  It’s something in the weather this week; something at the mundane level about humidity straightening out your hair, and at the sublime level about you coming into your own.  Each one of you a movie star in your own right, each one a shining beacon of your own fashionista trends (inside and out).  You know you look good; how could you not, the way you feel right now?   Come on and share some of that good sweet stuff you got going on with the rest of us, throw one of those heart- bedazzler smiles our way.