This week you will start as dangerous as a wild cat, stalking the urban streets for your next meal.  The people you meet will look at your eyes and glance quickly away; your own reflection will stare defiantly back at you, unwilling to blink first.  But soon enough, the claws will retract and you will find yourself cuddling up in the softest of couches, all fur and purr.  What’s got into you this week, my feline friend?  It’s the days now getting longer by degrees, curling into your sub-conscious, making you crazy with the scent of the sun.  Soon, soon, it will wax around the globe, reaching your toes, then your knees, then even the tips of your fingers, outstretched to greet it.  Until then, you keep stalking, thrumming the early dark with instincts you would not allow in the light of a summer day.