Bouncing from morning through to noon today, you’ll see the balls everywhere.  Coy, shy, little spheres, making their way from ceiling to floor just for the joy of flight.  Big, ponderous, ballooning bubbles, with snaking noses and giant eyes, sloping the path to the water cooler.  Booming baubles bristling with brightness, bustling from the bathroom to the balcony to see the blue of the sky.  They’re your newest friends in the game of imagining your way through to lunchtime between task lists and emails and what-all’s-next.  After lunch, as the day winds towards the end of working hours, your rotund lil’ buddies will take it slow, shifting their weight to the pool-side of the day, taking longer sips from taller glasses, offering you snacks and smoothies.  Don’t worry; it’s ok to take their food.  Smarties and jaffas are only the tip of the iceberg of the goodness of round things.