It’s Wednesday, known as hump day to many, some for reasons beyond the appropriate language for this blog.  You may be feeling tired today, but do not despair: no matter how little sleep you have had, and how much work you have yet to come, the day can be punctuated, pocked full of tiny little holes of sunshine and camaraderie, all of which go towards making things more light than dark.  There is definitely time for that cup of tea, and if you slow down for a few minutes to say hello to someone you like, not just someone you have to like, it will work wonders for your temper. You know, sometimes you’re bound to feel small, weary, another traveller on a long, straight road.  But look out: the most lovely of things will happen to you, out of the blue, blowing your certainty out of the water and sending you right back into the twist and twirl of the possible.  Make sure you come prepared today with an open heart and a pair of ear-warmers, because the roof could fall at any time, bringing you the sky.