Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Hurrah for Saturday!

Finally, the opportunity you have been waiting for all week.  Forget the washing (or, if you must put it on, do it quickly and don’t dawdle to think about stain remover).  Lay out your best threads and then march right past them to your playclothes.  It’s a day for mud and capers, for flour and chocolate buttons; a day for spilled red things and sand in your shoes.  You’ll find your steps skipping you towards the local park.  Don’t resist: better to make a mess of fun there than be crushed before you start with the responsibilities of cleaning up.  Who knows what nice strangers you’ll meet there, what alliances will be forged, what sly glances exchanged, what promises you’ll make?  Go on out in your comfortable undies and your favourite socks.  The cosier you are, the more you will feel as if you are wearing your home around you, and if your home is around you, then how much easier will it be, just a wave and a smile, to invite a pleasant new someone inside?