My apologies for missing the 13 April’s horoscope.  I believe I was asleep before the end of the evening news last night.

To make up for it, how about a day of spectacle on the 14 April?  These are the types of amazing events you can expect to witness:

1. Spectacular rainfall (look closely and you will see the gods’ favourite giant toddler, Bumbles, pouring water all over your head with his favourite bath toys)

2. Spectacular sunrise (the flames will catch your jacket alight if you lean in too close)

3. Spectacular lunch (this one is really up to you.  But you are lucky that the food on Earth on the 14 April is going to be extra-specially delicious, almost as if everything tastes like it came from an organic farm without you knowing so).

How about that for a day?  With a day like that ahead, who can help but feel pretty spectacular too?  At the very least, you should; after all, it’s all for you.