Today will be a day of exciting new beginnings.

Wait!  I just had a momentary lapse of thinking I was a real horoscope writer.  

Let me try that again.

Today you will find yourself inundated with eyes.  Eyes everywhere: poking out the side of your head, wandering eyes that roam all over your body, trying to find the best point of view, eyes with droopy lids, eyes that pretend to look the other way, eyes that see everything.

Don’t make that call to your psychiatrist.  Don’t reach for the bottle, don’t put the eyeshade back on (where would you put it, anyway?)  Open the pair in your head, slowly.  Have a nice, long shower.  While you’re in there, you might have a chance to distract them with the drips and draps from above.  They’ll wink.  They’ll be forced to blink.  

Seize your moment.  Do not hesitate.  Grab the towel and start rubbing vigorously.  All those eyes, those multitudinous, nefarious peepers, and not a one of them can resist a bit of tickling.  Before long, you will be able to veritably saunter into the world of sensory sensation, a slight grin playing around your mouth, an obedient army sending messages to your brain.  You will at last know who it is who keeps sneaking up on you at the least expected moment with buckets of cold water to douse your day, and all just by looking.