It’s May Day!  Sound the bells!  You may feel awash with weariness, one thousand per cent glad that the week is drawing to its close.  You may want to sit and crankify in a corner, developing an over-hanging upper lip and a penchant for saying “If I had my way.”  You may prefer to think yourself misunderstood when in point of fact, you’re just feeling sour.  And I know, you have good reason.  But smell the rain in the air, touch the chill breeze with your fingertips, remember the colour of red by seeing it in your own frosty nose, and laugh, come on, why not?  Laugh, because it’s the end of the week, and you don’t have to be the King of Cranks if you don’t want to.  You’ve got five minutes to have a good wallow.  Then off with you, to the place you know you belong, the throne room in a field of roofless flowers.