I realise it’s late in the day in Australia, but elsewhere, you may still have today ahead of you, in which case I wish you all the very best of luck.  Goodness knows, you’re going to need it.  You will be beset by foes, striving to un-seat you from the lofty position from which you could erstwhile see your day spread before you, a series of ordered, leisurely acts.  Buy newspaper.  Eat a nice breakfast.  Make a cup of tea.  You thought the worst it would get today would be having to choose between scrambled and fried.  

But the stars have another thing coming, in the shape of phone calls, errands and family communications.  However, if you keep your head, and maintain walkie-talkie communication, at the very least, with your heart, then the most determined of winds won’t be able to blow you permanently off course.  I advise you to brace yourself and always remember that Saturday breakfast is worth defending.