The end of another day full of life. Bubba is 8 months old and delightful at the moment. She has said a few words, including : “lamb,” “OK,” “Abbah” for Dadda, and “Amma” for Mama. Which is pretty sweet. Listening to her begin to increasingly articulate those gagaga sounds over the last few days presaged the impending miracle of human language in our living room, but you still watch in wonder as comprehension begins to dawn on your little’s one’s face.

She is also far more expressive of general outrage when I do something she is not particularly a fan of. A number of delicious meals have met with nose scrunching, head straining and general discombobulation, which my husband first mistook for genuine bowel pain until I let him in on bubba’s new ability to let her feelings be known, which I had just witnessed myself a few hours previously. In bubba’s ever-changing world, that makes you an expert.

That baby is darn cute. It’s gotta be said. I and my husband are enjoying every little ounce of her babbly cheeks and her cheeky babble.