Administration really sucks.  Everyone knows it.  There are some people in this enlightened age who, about 200 years ago, would have probably been either:

1. Saints

2. Nuns

3. Martyrs

4. All of the above

In this godless age of ours, they are the administrators.  They patiently sift through endless mires of paperwork, looking for that one little 15 digit number which will allow them to fill in the next endless mire of paperwork.  They smile politely when interrupted for the 23rd time, losing their place in the 365 page contract which they are proofreading for the good of others.  They answer the phone, handle quotes, submit invoices and remember everything, their very minds the perfect back-up for any computer system masquerading as intelligent.

I have had a day of administration today.  I am grumpy, sardonic, my face twisted in a frown which threatens to add twenty years to my forehead.  I am rude to my husband, threatening to customer sales representatives and ready to throw this gleaming machine of mine through the window, if it so much as hints at a software update to slow down my broadband connection.

All hail to the administrators.  They can already do what scientists strive for – they make the inhuman human.