Monday will find you expectant.  Without even realising it, you have been waiting, bated breath, for just this sunrise, just this lunch hour, just this, and this, and this.  But because you didn’t fully imagine it, you won’t be disappointed; instead, your expectation was more in the vein of a gentle humming, a thrumming in the back of your mind, a flutter in your belly.  By Wednesday, you will have pocketfuls of rainbows; by Thursday, your sleeves will be lined with forget-me-nots and memories of secret blushes amoxicillin online.  Friday and you will sigh, full of soft, rainy evenings and siren sun-drenched avenues, your stomach full and your muscles floppy with energy well-spent in the conquest of happiness.

(PS – Thanks for the well wishes for the wedding. I am now, officially, Mrs Happily Ever After (double brackets – thanks jLo for the card which gave me this spot-on name!))