It’s a day of liberation.  Free the feet from their sandals!  Free your neck from its collar! Muddy, wet grass, leaving marks on your ankles; a string of paper dolls around your neck, daisies flung upon your hair.  Don’t look twice, there is too much to do!  Everywhere you go today, there will be someone for you to emancipate.  The colleague who sits across from you in the open office space; he needs to be freed from his crippling fear that his personality makes people not like him.  Go up to him and offer him a chocolate; the shy smile of disbelief will be its own reward.  And the girl who serves you coffee, slightly bitter from her own crankiness.  Tell her, go on, tell her whatever you like – tell her you like her necklace, just tell her before she makes the coffee, and you’ll taste the difference for yourself.  Everywhere, swarms of beings just waiting for you to set them free.  Grab your chain-cutters before you head out the door, and go, go, go!