Can I just say that I love chocolate? It can be your best friend and your worst enemy – too little and you just want more, too much and you turn into a madly typing demon woman, but just the right amount and you are sanguine, busy, with energy but still able to concentrate, awake enough to take care of your baby but not so awake that you won’t sleep when you finally get the opportunity.

At the moment I am off dairy, as we suspect bubba had a reaction to it in my breastmilk, so I am getting all my chocolatey requirements from gluten and dairy free Macro biscuits, which are essentially the GF equivalent of Tim Tams. Mmm, I hear you say ;-). But really, they are quite good, and on a suddenly rainy Sunday afternoon, the sky darkening, the baby napping, the husband reading and the Gilmore Girls providing a happy patter in the background, sitting with two chocolate biscuits, a reliable baby monitor and a mug of decaffeinated tea, I am a happy little dairy-and-gluten-free vegemite (well, vege-spread, but let’s not get too technical about it).