Funerals & End-of-Life Services

Do not leave

without hearing

who you are:


– Jan Richardson

I am one of the only Ordained Interfaith Celebrants in Australia.


I am passionate about creating meaningful, authentic and affordable funeral and memorial services.


When someone dies, it can be overwhelming and scary to suddenly have to arrange a funeral.

When you work with me, I will make my part of the proceedings as easy and smooth for you as humanly possible, so that you can concentrate on saying good-bye.

The Five Steps in Arranging a Funeral

Take a breath. Have a cuppa. Then start making your phone calls.


Call or email me for an obligation-free, 15-minute phone or Zoom consultation.

If you think I am the right fit for you, we’ll arrange a time for a one-hour consultation.

We catch up in person or on Zoom to discuss the ceremony.

All ideas are welcome. We will create a service which truly captures your loved one.

You create the elements of the service. This might include a eulogy an Order of Service brochure, a slideshow, a printed memento or other ideas.

I can also help you with any or all of these elements.

I arrive early to set up. For outdoor services, I can bring a PA system.

Then I deliver a personalised ceremony which is meaningful and authentic for you and your loved one.

I have put together a free, brief guide on the key steps in arranging a funeral. The guide includes:

  • A general guide to the structure of a funeral
  • General advice about what to include in a funeral

Click here for the free PDF guide.


My Specialties 

Personalised Services


When someone dies, people often feel rushed and stressed. But it does not have to be this way.

I can work with you at your own pace to create a personalised service for your loved one. We can discuss options such as:

  • Venues: The service can be held almost anywhere: in a park, at a venue, outdoors, at home, in a chapel or at a crematorium.
  • Vigils: You might want to bring your loved one’s body home before the service. This is absolutely possible, and we can arrange this with your funeral director using a ‘cold plate.’
  • Preparing the body: You or your loved one might have wishes about how the body is prepared. Perhaps you would like to be involved in the washing and dressing of your loved one, or perhaps you would like someone to sing or offer a blessing as the body is prepared. All of this is possible.
  • Transport: You might want your loved one transported to the ceremony on the back of a favourite ute, or perhaps with a motorcade of motorbikes or a salute from surfers at their favourite beach.


Interfaith Services


You may not identify with the particular religion or faith tradition of your family or childhood, but may still want to incorporate elements of these into the funeral or memorial service.

I am an Ordained interfaith Minister with a Masters of Theology. This means I can work with you to incorporate elements of any faith or cultural tradition.

Perhaps you or your loved one were raised in a Christian tradition but now identify more with Buddhist precepts. Maybe you or your loved one come from a Hindu background but no longer identify with that faith.

I can incorporate elements of any tradition into your ceremony. I will do this in a meaningful way which is authentic to you and respectful to the traditions we draw upon. I can draw on any and all traditions, including:

  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Jainism
  • Baha’i faith
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism
  • Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Confucianism
  • Wicca
  • Shamanism
  • Indigenous traditions
  • Zoroastrianism

Intercultural Services


People around the world have gathered since time immemorial to farewell their loved ones with rituals.

I can work with you to incorporate traditions from around the world in ways which are meaningful and true to you and respectful of culture. Examples include:

  • Celtic traditions of Britain, such as Celtic blessings and stone placements
  • Chinese traditions, such as burning paper money and wearing white
  • Indigenous traditions, such as a smoking ceremony, ritual song and dance, and acknowledgement of Country
  • Germanic traditions, such as the placement of dirt on the casket


End-of-Life Support


I can also work with you and your loved one before death, to prepare and walk with you.

I am a trained Deathwalker. This means that I offer advice, guidance and spiritual support towards the end-of-life. For example, I can:

  • Create a ‘living wake,’ which is a kind of pre-death celebration when your loved one is still alive
  • Sit in vigil with your loved one in the hours before death
  • Provide an end-of-life blessing for your loved one before or after death
  • Offer advice about funeral options, including alternative funerals and personalised approaches and help your loved one to design their own ceremony
  • Give hand and foot massages with natural oils for your loved one towards the end-of-life


I have put together a free, brief questionnaire to fill out with some key aspects of how you or your loved one wishes to be treated when they are no longer conscious. It covers things such as:

  • Whether you wish to have people with you
  • Whether you want silence, music, touch, or scents
  • Whether you would like a visit from a chaplain or a non-religious minister

Click here for the free PDF guide.


Contact me

Get in touch for a no-obligation 15-minute phone or Zoom consultation. We can create a service that is authentic and meaningful to you and your loved one.

Call me: 0428 576 372

Email me:

I am available to conduct ceremonies throughout Australia. I am local to Wollongong, Sydney, the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra.

When my father died I started looking for a way to give him a send off he would love. I knew he would think a conventional service at the Crematorium would be ‘meaningless’ and a ‘waste of money.’ I also wanted it to reflect him as a person, particularly his deep love of the land he cared for, his passion for classical music and a heavy dose of whimsy and fun.

We decided to cremate him privately and have a ceremony later to give his ashes back to the land he loved. I also wanted to make sure we did not  ‘offend’ the deeply religious coming or the atheists.

When I spoke to Jackie I knew she was perfect. She met with us to get to know Dad and my creative mother. We had ideas she helped weave into a beautiful ceremony celebrating his life and she added her own twist which we loved. Without exception, everyone commented on how amazing and beautiful the ceremony was. Thank you Jackie.  

 – Rebecca, Appin, NSW