Jackie Bailey

Minister for the spiritual but non-religious

A little bit about what I do…

I provide spiritual services for the non-religious. My ministry takes the form of writing, spiritual advice, life ceremonies, deathwalking, and funeral services.

What is spirituality for the non-religious?

Many people identify as “spiritual” but not religious, including me. But what does spirituality mean without religion?

Can I lead a spiritual life without religion?

Religions provide structure and rules on how to live a “good” life. How can people who are spiritual but not religious experience the sacred in everyday life?

Resources for leading a spiritual but not religious life

As I come across useful resources for how to live a spiritual life with our religion I will add them to this site. Please send me anything you find useful too!

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I conduct funerals and life ceremonies, and offer in-person spiritual advice in the Illawarra and Greater Sydney region. I am more than happy to offer spiritual advice over the phone to you wherever you are.

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Jan Richardson, "Beloved is Where We Begin"

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